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RPA Proffesional, Creator of Mindufl RPA Methodology, Certified UiPath Developer, Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

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Djuro Ivankovic



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As a RPA Expert with a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end RPA cycle, I bring a wealth of experience across diverse industries, including supply chain, automotive, and finance institutions. Holding a Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification underscores my commitment to excellence and efficiency in process optimization.

In order to move you need to walk, in order to grow you need to talk.
Adopt and adapt.

I take pride in contributing to the RPA community through my Mindfull RPA Methodology—a framework born out of practical insights and hands-on experience. Currently, I am in the process of crafting two additional eBooks, which, when combined, will form an extensive guide suitable for anyone interested or already engaged in the dynamic realm of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Explore the world of RPA with confidence, guided by my expertise and the innovative Mindfull RPA Methodology. Stay tuned for the upcoming comprehensive guide, designed to empower and enlighten RPA enthusiasts at all levels.







Everything about me!

– Mar 2023 – Present 
RPA Developer
– Magna International


– Oct 2021 – Feb 2023
RPA Project Specialist For EMEA Region

As a skilled professional in project management and stakeholder engagement, I have successfully executed several RPA (Robotic Process Automation) initiatives within the UPS Enterprise. My responsibilities include:

Project Planning: I am responsible for project planning, resource allocation, and ensuring that the project scope is well defined and aligned with the organization’s goals. I am also responsible for RPA licenses request and allocation.

Stakeholder Management: I work closely with project stakeholders to manage their expectations, including internal stakeholders and the Enterprise RPA and Global UPS RPA Team.

Problem Solving: I am adept at identifying and resolving project and infrastructure-related issues. I also provide ad-hoc project support when necessary.

Team Leadership: I am skilled in goal setting, conducting performance reviews, and conflict resolution. I ensure that my team is aligned with the organization’s vision and that we work towards achieving our goals effectively.

Audit & Governance: I ensure that UPS Enterprise standards are met by maintaining a high level of audit and governance.

Development: I plan, analyze, design, develop and implement solutions in accordance with UPS RPA CoE principles. I create and maintain solution documentation such as PDD and SDD, and I work within project planning constraints. I effectively communicate identified project risks and issues to stakeholders, and provide inputs to the change control process. I work closely with all departments involved in the change processes, such as Operations, IT, Finance, and Program Management.

Overall, my experience and expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement, problem-solving, team leadership, audit, governance, and development enable me to effectively manage complex projects and drive business results.

– May 2021 – Oct 2021
Medior Software Engineer
– Ibis Solutions

As a skilled Medior Software Engineer at IBIS Solution, I have successfully developed and maintained robots for international clients, while adhering to their standards and meeting their unique needs. My responsibilities include:

Agile Methodology: I am experienced in working with the Agile methodology and attend daily team meetings to ensure progress and alignment.

Goal Oriented: I work to achieve both weekly and daily goals to ensure project success and timely completion.

Robot Development: I develop robots using UiPath best practices and RE-Framework, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.

Mentoring: I guide and mentor junior co-workers to help them grow and develop their skills.

Documentation: I create documentation for newly created robots, including PDD and SDD documentation, to ensure all processes are thoroughly documented and easily understood.

Stakeholder Engagement: I engage with stakeholders to create the best possible solutions for their unique needs, and I attend meetings with clients to present these solutions effectively.

Overall, my experience and expertise in Agile methodology, goal orientation, robot development, mentoring, documentation, and stakeholder engagement enable me to effectively manage complex projects and drive business results. My ability to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues alike ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.

– Feb 2019 – Nov 2020
RPA Developer
– Freelance

As an experienced Freelance RPA Developer, I had the opportunity to work with clients to create automation solutions that improved their daily workflow. My focus was on file-based tasks that involved downloading email attachments, monitoring specific locations or folders for new items, and entering data from files to websites. To accomplish these tasks, I utilized UiPath best practices and the REFframework.

My responsibilities included:

Client Engagement: I worked closely with clients to understand their unique needs and create automation solutions that met their specific requirements.

Solution Development: I developed automation solutions using UiPath best practices and the REFframework to ensure they were scalable, maintainable, and effective.

Testing and Quality Assurance: I tested all automation solutions thoroughly to ensure they functioned as expected and met the client’s requirements.

Documentation: I created thorough documentation for all automation solutions to ensure they were easy to understand and maintain.

Overall, my experience as a Freelance RPA Developer allowed me to work closely with clients to create automation solutions that improved their daily workflow. My ability to work independently, utilize UiPath best practices, and the REFframework ensured that all automation solutions were scalable, maintainable, and effective.

– Feb 2016 – Mar 2018
Imaging Sound Designer / Senior Sound Designer
– S Media/Radio S

As a System Administrator, I was responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization’s computer network across multiple office locations. This involved diagnosing and resolving problems with the network, software, and hardware components, as well as upgrading devices as necessary. I also created and maintained a company-wide backup of all network settings and essential data to ensure data security and availability.

In addition to my technical role, I also served as a Senior Sound Designer and Audio Technician. My responsibilities included recording, editing, and manipulating voice-overs for radio elements such as jingles, sweepers, and show-openers. I also designed and created sound effects, edited music, and handled all aspects of audio recording and production.

During my tenure at S-Media, I was part of the Imaging Sound Design team and was responsible for creating all elements for 2 national radio stations, 4 local stations, and 30 online radios. I recorded all station voices and manipulated them into radio elements, producing all elements for daily broadcasting and campaigns.

I am proficient in a variety of software tools, including Steinberg Cubase, iZotope Ozone, iZotope RX, Fab Filter, McDsp, Plugin Alliance, and Cytomic Glue, among others.

– Jan 2015 – Oct 2015 
Deputy Manager, Chief Engineer
– Radio Obrenovac

As the CTO and Senior Sound Designer at Radio Obrenovac, I was responsible for overseeing the creation of all radio elements, including jingles, drop-ins, sweepers, and show-openers, as well as the recording and editing of voice-overs and the design of sound effects. In addition to my sound design duties, I also managed the technical aspects of the radio station, including hiring and training new staff members and maintaining all equipment.

Some of my specific tasks at Radio Obrenovac included:

Hiring and training new speakers on how to use the equipment and deliver high-quality radio shows
Producing all radio elements that branded the radio station, such as jingles, sweepers, and show-openers
Managing and maintaining all of the equipment used by the radio station
I used a variety of software in my work at Radio Obrenovac, including Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Waves plugins, iZotope Ozone, iZotope RX, and Fab filter.

– Mar 2013 – Sep 2013
Educator / Teaacher / Coach
– Zavod Za Vaspitanje Dece i Omladine

Experience in multimedia education with a focus on teaching basic PC skills for both OS X and Windows, as well as providing instruction in audio production using Ableton Live, basic video editing with Adobe Premiere, and the fundamentals of photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. Passionate about sharing knowledge with students of all ages and tailoring lessons to meet individual interests and needs. Conducted classes for diverse groups and skill levels, utilizing trial versions of software to provide hands-on learning experiences. Notably, helped to improve digital literacy in underprivileged communities by teaching basic PC skills and empowering students to navigate the internet and access their favorite multimedia content.

– Aug 2009 – Mar 2010 
PC Hardware Technician / Graphic Designer
– Synthesis D.O.O 

As a PC Hardware Specialist at Synthesis Company, I was responsible for a variety of tasks related to computer repair and maintenance. This included identifying and repairing hardware malfunctions, assembling new devices for the company’s store, installing necessary software, and educating clients on how to use various programs. Additionally, I worked as a graphic designer and image editor, using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create and edit content for websites and social media on behalf of clients.

– Nov 2020 – Apr 2021 
Junior Software Engineer
– Soft Road Apps

As a Junior Software Engineer at Soft Road Apps, I was responsible for maintaining and developing UiPath projects for large corporations. My experience with UiPath allowed me to jump immediately into ongoing projects, where I maintained and updated documentation, developed new solutions, tested robots, and worked with real data on the client’s environment. My responsibilities also included guiding junior co-workers to ensure they were able to learn and grow in their roles.

Working at Soft Road Apps was an excellent opportunity for me to develop my skills and work on large-scale projects that required scalable automation. My daily tasks included:

Ongoing Project Maintenance: I maintained ongoing projects, ensuring they continued to function effectively and efficiently.

Documentation: I updated project documentation whenever there were changes to the logic to ensure that it remained accurate and up-to-date.

New Solution Development: I developed new solutions using PDD documents, ensuring that they met the highest quality standards and were scalable.

Testing: I tested robots thoroughly to ensure they functioned as expected and met the client’s requirements.

Real-World Environment: I worked with real data on the client’s environment to ensure that the solutions I developed were effective and efficient.

Overall, my experience as a Junior Software Engineer at Soft Road Apps allowed me to work on complex projects and develop scalable automation solutions for large corporations. My ability to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues alike ensured that projects were delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.

– Mar 2018 – Feb 2020
Senior Sound Designer
– Audiology

As an experienced Senior Sound Designer, I have extensive experience overseeing computer networks and maintaining software, hardware, and configurations. In my previous role at DreamDust VFX Studio, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects that showcased my skills as a voice-over recording and editing expert, foley artist, and sound designer.

In my role as a Senior Sound Designer, I was responsible for overseeing the sound design for TV series and movies, working with high-profile clients such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Colgate, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Milka, NIS, Nesquick, Fanta, Sprite, Dacia, and many more. I used a variety of software programs including Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Waves plugins, Fab Filter, iZotope RX, and iZotope Ozone to deliver high-quality sound design and post-production services.

My specific responsibilities included:

Voice-over recording and editing: I was responsible for recording and editing voiceovers for commercials, working with high-profile clients to ensure their specific requirements were met.

Foley design/recording: I created and recorded Foley sound effects to enhance the realism of TV series and movies.

SFX design: I designed and created sound effects to enhance the overall sound design of TV series and movies.

ADR: I worked closely with actors to ensure their dialogue was accurately recorded in post-production.

System maintenance: I oversaw the computer networks of the organization’s more than 12 satellite office locations, ensuring that software, hardware, and configurations were properly maintained.

Information recovery: I successfully recovered information from various locations during system crashes.

Overall, my experience as a Senior Sound Designer has allowed me to develop a broad range of skills in voice-over recording and editing, foley design and recording, SFX design, ADR, and system maintenance.

– Jun 2011 – Dec 2015 
Photographer / Video Editor
– S & M Cinema Studio

During my part-time job in Paris, France, I worked as a wedding photographer and multi-camera event recorder. I was responsible for capturing the entire event with a Canon 2d camera and 24-105mm lens, while also recording live audio using a Rode nt2-a microphone and Behringer mixer for line input. Additionally, I worked as part of a team to record the event live with multiple cameras, switching between them using a video mixer.

– Dec 2013 – Jul 2014
Audio Engineer / Sound Designer
– S Media/Radio S

As an Audio Engineer, I was responsible for managing playlists for two national and two local radio stations. This included selecting and scheduling appropriate radio elements between songs and ensuring a smooth flow of programming.
I recorded and edited hourly news segments, which were broadcast on all stations and uploaded to a server for clients.
I also produced daily elements for radio shows, such as jingles, sweepers, and show-openers.
In addition to my audio duties, I also served as a playlist editor, making sure that the programming was in line with the station’s format and audience.
Software used for these tasks included FirePlay, FireOps (broadcasting software), Steinberg Cubase, Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, Waves plugins, Fab filter, iZotope Ozone, and iZotope RX.

– Aug 2004 – Nov 2012
Radio Show Host / Compere Host
– Radio Obrenovac 

My passion for audio production began at a young age of 14, where I hosted and DJed on my radio show. As I continued to host and produce content, I began to develop a keen interest in sound design and music production.

My responsibilities on the show included selecting the playlist, arranging interviews with artists and DJs, connecting with club PRs to offer free tickets for our listeners, and occasionally performing live DJ sets. I also worked as an audio technician to ensure that the sound quality was top-notch.

Through my experience on the show, I was able to refine my skills in audio production, sound design, and live performance. It was a formative experience that fueled my passion for the industry and inspired me to pursue a career in audio production.

– Services

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Technical Consultancy

Receive expert guidance and insights on the technical aspects of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Leverage my experience to navigate complexities, make informed decisions, and optimize your RPA strategy.

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Project Architecture

Design a robust and efficient RPA project architecture tailored to your business needs. Ensure scalability, reliability, and seamless integration of automated processes within your existing systems.

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RPA Team Re-Structure

Enhance the effectiveness of your RPA team by restructuring roles, responsibilities, and workflows. Improve collaboration and maximize productivity to drive successful RPA implementations.

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RPA Presentation

Communicate the value and potential of RPA effectively with our tailored presentation services. Whether for internal stakeholders or external clients, showcase the benefits and outcomes of your RPA initiatives.

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Automation Development

Accelerate your digital transformation with customized automation solutions. Our experienced RPA developers craft efficient and reliable automation workflows to streamline your business processes.

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Pipeline Troubleshooting

Address and resolve issues in your RPA pipeline promptly and effectively. My troubleshooting services identify and fix bottlenecks, ensuring the smooth functioning of your automated processes.

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